does me wanting to fuck you makes this awkward

does this already happened makes this awkward

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You’re my wonderwall bloody sister, and I always knew that you were the only one who could save me. Seriously, I’m totally speechless, I don’t know how to tell you how much I love you. You’re my best friend, my sister and above all: my bloody sister. I have a lot of stories with you, and I learned so much with them, and I hope we have a lot more from here too. All I have to do is thank you for everything, especially for your existence, from being here, with me, since 1998. “Always” said Snape, right? We’re forever, bloody sister. I love you, bitch, I’ll always be here, just for you, my reason to be alive. Thank you for loving me, for being my eyes when I couldn’t see. And I’ll be there, forever and always, I’ll be there ‘till the stars don’t shine, till the heavens burst and the words don’t rhyme. I know when I die, you’ll be on my mind, and I love you, always. I’m lost without you, bloody sister. It’s too cold outside for angels to fly ♥ (gatewayofdreams)

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